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Compare Electric Go Karts

There are a lot of considerations to think about when purchasing an electric go kart. Do you want something for the whole family or simply need something for the kids? Are you looking to go off-road or just want something fast and fun for the street? Most of our electric go karts are suitable for adults and kids alike and feature roll bars, rugged tires, drifting wheels, and more to keep them fun and exciting for everyone. carries many different types of electric go karts from the top brands in electric including Berg, Go-Bowen, MotoTec, and Razor. You won't have trouble finding the best electric go kart on our site. You can shop electric go karts  by brand or type.

Below are a few ways to shop the best electric go karts:


We carry many sizes of electric go karts to fit all ages. We have some specifically designed for kids and have a smaller weight limit. You will notice the weight limit on the listings for each kart. For larger riders you would want to look at the Berg brand of electric karts as they carry XXL models that fit larger people.


Electric go karts come equipped with different tire and wheel types to suit different needs. If you're looking for racing functionality choose a kart with racing wheels and tires suited for the pavement. If you're mainly looking to take your electric go kart off road then choose a kart with knobby tires built for all terrains.  Razor makes drifting go karts with smaller rubber wheels designed specifically for sliding around curves and doing flat tricks. 


Battery life and runtime would be another function to think about when purchasing an electric go kart. Our karts have different battery capacities so take a look at the specs on each listing to make sure you find one that suits your needs. 24v, 36v, 48v, etc. are common voltage options for electric go karts. 


While it may not seem as important, design and style are distinguishing factors for electric go karts. Small and sleek or rough and rugged, bright colors or matte black, those are options to consider when picking out an electric go kart.


Whichever electric go kart you choose, make sure and look through all of the great options we carry at We carry the best kart options and won't be beat on price. And as always, always offer free US shipping on all electric go karts.